Welcome to Turning Point Center


A Note from Isha Desselle, Founder of Turning Point Center

I sold my house in 1988 and used all my savings to buy a dilapidated 34-unit apartment complex to provide a place for the elderly homeless. The goal of the Turning Point Center is to utilize a variety of supportive services to return the homeless elderly to productive society.The Turning Point Center is an independent, tax exempt, non-profit organization which offers food, shelter and other rehabilitative services to meet the physical and emotional needs of a neglected segment of society:  underprivileged individuals aged 50 and older who are unable to provide safe and adequate living conditions for themselves.Through a variety of programs geared to address the unique needs of these individuals, our ultimate goal is to return them to an independent living status.  In addition, we provide other homeless individuals and families with short-term emergency services and referrals to other agencies.